Saturday 22 August 2020

Hello, stranger

 Well, hellooooo!  I am back!  Let's call it a hiatus shall we?

What's new?  Not much am afraid!  Well aside from Tropical Storm Laura blowing into town this weekend.  At max it will be a Category 1 hurricane, and we are hopeful not a direct hit.  It is not looking like it is headed that way at the moment anyway.  

We have/had three tv crews (from pretty big new corporations wink wink) booked in to the the hotel, to cover the storm, but one of them have cancelled and are going up to New Orleans now.  God damnit, how am I supposed to persuade them to recreate Anchorman with just two??

Still going out loads on the little baby boat (aka The Salty Grunt), but obviously not this weekend.  We will go over to the yacht club tomorrow to check that it is tied securely etc. And then we just leave her there and cross our fingers the bilge pump works well and all is ok after the storm.  We will miss Happy Hour this Sunday - we have got very used to going to Stock Rock Cafe (a fun tiki hut restaurant-bar) by boat.  How fun is that???!!

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