Sunday 20 September 2020

Productive Day

 With the boat in for it's 100 hour service I had a full day to fill.  I have been staring at my wardrobe for days (ok, weeks) now and thinking it needs a good clean.  So, with no excuses remaining, I got stuck in.

It was one of those tasks you regret starting...

But I got it done and posted on facebook, woohoo.

Then later this evening I attended a lovely socially distanced gathering of friends.

I stopped into Books and Books (Judy Blume's store) along the way.  I was hoping to buy the hostess a book about/by Ruth Bader Ginsberg but they were all sold out!!

I bought her this instead!

And she gave me the book from her last book club meeting. Yay!

Afterwards, on to Half Shell Raw Bar where I met Patrick for Happy Hour.  Always fun!

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