Sunday 5 September 2021

Baby Boat day out on water - Happy Labor day weekend

This morning we had an awesome time out on the water and caught NINE fine size, fat 11 inch lane snappers. Patrick fileted them all and we have over a pound of fish in the fridge.  Plan is to have fish curry on Tuesday evening and one lunch during the week for Patrick.

And this evening:

The big smile is because we are having dinner in a tiki hut bar

We had a bit of an adventure when a thunderstorm and rainstorm rolled in out of nowhere and we had to wait it out before setting off back home.  And while going home it was a little "weathery" too, nothing bad but we were glad to get in when we did.  It was a lovely trip to make but we both did agree that it is a tough enough challenge for the baby boat going that distance to Stock Rock Cafe.  But worth it all the same!

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