Wednesday 6 October 2021


 We've had Buddy for about two or three weeks now and honestly it feels so much longer.  Last night when we went out for dinner to Shanna Key, Patrick (not a cat guy Patrick) commented that it feels like she has been part of the family for a couple of months now.  He also said that he wished he didn't delay in getting a cat (i.e. listening to all my hints) for as long as he did, that he wished we got her at the beginning of pandemic.

She is a right little character, just the right mix of boldness and mischief and also cute and cuddliness.  And so SMART! Lol seriously.  Every evening she drags one of her toys out of her bedroom to the living room and plays with it in front of us (noisily!).  And when finished she drags it back into her room - we sometimes hear her in the middle of the night playing some more.

Round her neck we have an airtag tracker which gives us the reassurance that if she ever got lost we can ring her on her iphone ahahahahahahhaaha :)

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