Sunday 13 February 2022

Boat life

I had to go into work for a few hours today on the weekend.  I thought I would be in and out, but (won't bore you with the details) because of technology issues that affected a guest, ending up having to stay longer.  This was along with having to go in yesterday too, to take care of a few things in the office.

So when I came out today and got on my bike my mind slightly felt down and I was reminded of times back in Dublin when I would have also worked on Saturday's and Sunday's.  But as I cycled along Eaton Street, up Palm Avenue, and stopped at the top of the hill overlooking Garrison Bight it reminded me just how different my life is now. A flavour of my weekend (in between the stints of work) is below.

On Saturday we went out for a wonderful fishing trip, further than we had ever gone before.  Patrick went out with his friend recently who showed him this spot and how to use his Garmin to get there.  And he did it!  It was very exciting to be so far away from land and in an area I had not fished before.  Between us we caught two nice porgy and Patrick landed a BIG plump lane snapper.  And I hooked a starfish!!!!  Pulled up my line and there was a beautiful starfish hanging like a christmas tree decoration.  This photo was an attempt to capture it but instead it caught the moment it fell off my hook....if you look really closely you can see one of it's arms in the bottom left hand side of the photo! My face shows my feelings about not getting the photo lol.

And guess what we are for dinner that night instead of take out?! Fresh fish!!!!
Then today, the weather was SO BAD this morning that really it was an unexpected bonus that we got out this afternoon.  I cycled in to work, stayed for the few hours and then headed to the yacht club where I met Patrick.  We zipped out to the crab traps and pulled up this haul of 7 good size stone crab claws.  Delighted!

This is our docking spot.  Note the hose pipe connected to the engine.  We are flushing it out with freshwater to get rid the salty sea water and clean out any dirt etc.  It was really nice in the yacht club and we took our time hosing and scrubbing the boat and with the engine flushing.  Case in point: see how relaxed and smiley Patrick looks :)

 Long story short, let that be the last negative thought to go through my head for some time yet!

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