Sunday 27 March 2022

Working from home

Ever since the pandemic the "Working From Home" - concept(?), thing(?), some other word I can't think of right now - intrigues me...

"Phenomena" That's the word!  

It is still bizarre to think, that literally overnight, the world went to working from home and working virtually.  I suppose it is seems especially odd to me, taking into account two very personal factors.  (a) That my job obviously never went virtual and (b) that I just knowwwww that had I been back home in Dublin and working at my old job I would have just HATED working from home.  Maybe to the point of simply not being able to do it!!! I need to go to the office! I need the structure of  a start time, a finish time and a work in between those two times.  I need the discipline of setting alarms, having showers and Dressing For Work in proper work clothes of a jacket/trousers/blouse or a dress and a jacket etc. I also enjoy the interacting with people, the chats, the cups of coffee...the  meeting friends after work for a drink and some food, the drinks in town on a Friday night after work.  

But mainly, let's call a spade a spade here Amy, I need to go into work to get the work done.  I know it. It's the person that I am. 

One person who I admire when it comes to working from home is Patrick

For posterity this was his desk and working from home space when we moved into our new home just over two years ago.  This space would have worked fine if it could stay looking like the picture above.  But jeebs, Patrick struggles with paper and keeping his desk nice and clear!  And also, look at that little laptop. There had to be better options!

So. Because I was bored and I like putting together furniture I recently bought him a new desk!  

Criteria for the desk was that it was not too big and did not go over a certain size: so as it left space for going in and out comfortably by it's side. And that the price was reasonable.

It took me about 2.5 hours in total and I was particularly proud of myself that I got the drawers on properly and sliding open smoothly.

This is the final space after I added a few things;
- the monitor riser with the laptop underneath
- the little fan for during meetings when it gets hot
- the little filing thing on the left for all his paper!!! (Let's see how this works out lol!)
- underneath the filing thingy, there is a little hook where he can hang his headphones

 I think this will be overall a much more comfortable and efficient space.  If I was to say one criticism I would talk about the way the monitor is blocking some of the view now!  

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