Tuesday 10 May 2022

Lume - Review


I've been seeing ads and reading reviews of Lume deodorant for ages and ages now.  One of the things that attracted me to trying them was the scents that they offer: I just love vanilla.  And tangerine sounded fresh and pink peony sounded floral.  They just sound so different from regular deodorants right?

And then the reviews were raving, literally raving about how this deodorant worked.  As you can imagine, living in Key West, one really needs a good deodorant.  And to be honest: I had not found it.  Either it simply didn't work.  Or if it (slightly) worked it left white stains all over my black unform dress.  Or, it worked well to a point (half the day in) and then didn't work for the remaining time.

So, of course I was skeptical about this product.  Plus, I was a little reticent in terms of price:  I was reluctant as it is EXPENSIVE!

Anyway, up popped a special offer on my facebook recently so bit the bullet and ordered.  It arrived promptly on the dates promised.  Here is my review of it:

The smell:  So remember how the scents attracted me intially?  Well.  I am just putting it out there!  Do NOT expect it to smell like the name on the outside.  In fact, it has a very odd and weird smell.  Every single one of them (I ordered the whole range).  And when you put it on you, for the first 10/15 minutes all you can smell is this odd (and frankly, yocky!) smell.  And then?  Then the smell disappears.  Completely disappears!

And what you are left with: is a completely odourless FANTASTIC deodorant.  There is literally no body odour.  Literally none.  And it is weird, it doesn't advertise itself as anti perspirant, but it seems to work as one.  But again, most importantly:  this REALLY works.  I repeat, no body odour whatsoever.  And no white marks on my dress.  Time will tell, but right now, I am completely sold on this and plan to use this deodorant for the rest of my life.

I will post here if anything changes but as it stands now, if I could rate this 100 out of 10, I would.

Ps. It say it works for 48 or 72 hours I think?? I well believe it

PPS.  You don't like that initial smell I hear you say?  I hear you, I agree, stick with it, it is worth it.  I promise

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