Wednesday 6 July 2022

Quick round up of events

What's been happening since I blogged last?  See below for a quick catch up!

We ate the last of this season's haul of Stone Crab Claws. Sad to see them go!  Season starts in October of 2022 and our goal is to catch enough for us to enjoy as a Christmas Day Dinner.

Jealous :( 
I missed a great night out with Enid and Alice.  Dionne Warwick was playing in the Bord Gais theatre and they met up with our friends/her band.  They are laughing hysterically in this photo because they both arrived wearing the exact same outfit aside from colour - a very cool jumpsuit from Mango.

I spent a lovely evening with one Mr Tom Cruise.  I also spent a great evening with Elvis Presley.  Both of these films get the Amy Stamp of Amazing and I recommend them thoroughly

Back protesting :(  
After repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland a couple of years ago I thought I was finished with this cr*p.

But, no :(

Started preparations for our Canada Day party....i.e. ordered stuff from Amazon.
How cool is my tin cup?! You simply must have a drinking cup for a party, eh.  EH!!!!!!

Buddy helping with the decorations

Look at this lovely (wedding) gift from Alice!!!! 

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