Monday 24 April 2023

Spicy Margarita

I think I have posted before about my (new) obsession with Spicy Margarita's.  Friday evening after work I took myself off to First Flight where I enjoyed a fabulous time on my own - drinking this bad boy and eating wings and devilled eggs.  Only thing that would have made it more perfect was if Enid was there with me.  I instead, texted her and Ciaran, congratulating them on a wonderful new Pigsy show and sending them pics of my beverage.

I came home to find Patrick and his massive haul of Snapper - Lane, Yellowtail & Mangrove.  He had gone out fishing with our friend and dockmaster and they had gone to an excellent new spot. All of this fish was filleted and refrigerated and then fried up for Saturday night dinner.  With some leftovers for lunch today (Monday)! Delicious.

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