Monday 11 December 2023

Christmassy stuff!

My tree is up!
We didn't do any decorations this year because of that bold cat.  I think it works out "okay" because of the white tree, a green ornamentaless tree might look more odd.  It was quite effortless I have to say. I may never do decorations again lol!!!

A couple of years ago (during covid) I started a little project of asking all my friends to pose with their tree and send to me.  I recorded the photos in an instagram album.  Since then, I have continued the tradition and the little fun project has really grown to something lovely, I believe.
Plus, please send me a pic if you would like to be included!

For more Christmassy stuff, why not check out my twin's blog where her and her husband have come up with a mad little Christmas sandwich competition where they travel all over Dublin tasting and scoring sandwiches to find the "Best Christmas Sandwich This Year".  Apparently, they have been doing it for the last few years but this is the few years that she has documented it in her blog.

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