Tuesday 27 February 2024

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas

When I am at a concert, even one as visually amazing as the Sphere, I tend not to take photos and videos.  I prefer to just live in the moment and try keep the memories in my mind rather than my phone.  I do tend to go online though and watch other people's videos after the event however.

This is my one photo and it is an interesting one, to my mind anyway.  While Bono does a huge shout out to Bram the stand in drummer for Larry, and it is indeed clear the band very much respects him, this photo also defines their relationship.  The band is up front and Bram further back doing the job, and doing it very well, that he was hired to do.  The band are saying U2 is still Larry and Bono, Edge and Adam.

Anyway, I digress. There is nothing I can say that will surprise anyone.  I have literally zero criticisms or critiques.  The whole performance from U2 was brilliant - and testament to them that the amazing venue, visuals and effects do not over take the music.  But equally, testament to the venue that it stuns and impresses while enhancing the band.  It is a crazy, beautiful, symbiotic relationship...

10 million zillion out of 10

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