Sunday 18 November 2012

Photo Shoot in LPA (my sister's house)

My twin sister and her husband have been renovating a derelict house for over a year now.  She has been blogging about the project since the very beginning so for any of you interested in that type of thing it makes for very interesting reading.  Click here to have a look at her blog.
Today is a big day for them!  They have been invited to appear in a UK interiors magazine talking about the build, and the photoshoot is taking place today. 
Below are some of the pics that Enid has sent me so far today.  The girl in the blue top is the stylist who is staging the house.  She told Enid that it is not actually a big job for today because they have already such a "strong look".  Enid was delighted to hear this - but really it should be such a surprise to her - her husband (Ciaran) has his own architects practice so if their house is not amazing there is no hope for any of the rest of us! 
Ciaran's practice is odkm Architects - he is the "M" - check out their website for design pics.
Stylist at work!  Painting of Bones in her hand (painted by Ciaran's dad)

Stylists "stylings" - that is Enid's first camera (Fisher Price) which the stylist found on a shelf and placed on the coffee table.

Photographer setting up. 
Note the book shelves in the background.  The stylist liked Enid's colour coding of her books.  Enid is a librarian so she could have shelved them using many different methods but she chose by colour, which is something that the late great Maeve Binchey also did (Enid did not know this before she chose to do this).

The stylist chose to place some of Enid's orange/yellow kitchen accessories on display.

Wet bar.
That is my blender on the counter over to the right!
If Enid sends me anymore photos I shall post them up. 
If you are interested in visiting this house and seeing it in the flesh an Open House event is planned in December.  Check out the odkm faceboook page and the event page for more information.

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