Sunday 11 November 2012

Night out in Dublin

As I mentioned in my "Birthday" post I was out on Friday night.

I sit very near the HR team in work so I have become very friendly with the two HR ladies.  A couple of weeks ago we had said we must do a few drinks after work so we put Friday in as a date.

We finished work at 5.30 and went across the road to our "local" pub Scruffy Murphy's. 

I was unsure about Scruffy's when I first moved to Mount Street, I missed my old local haunts down near Abbey Street, but I have grown to like it a little more.

From Scruffys we moved on to a beautiful little small restaurant on Dawson Street "Harry's Cafe" which has a very good early bird menu/deal - €60 for 2 people, starter, main & bottle of wine.

I had Chicken Liver Pate and Melba toast to start.

And had Roast Chicken breast with lemon & thyme mash for my main.

We shared a chocolate & hazelnut torte for dessert.

After dinner we went down to The Bailey for just one drink to finish off the night. 

So it was an early night - we all made our last bus/train.  However we have decided on our next night we are going to be crazy and stay out later - we are going to do Karaoke!!!!!

*As an aside, we were talking about working in my company years and years ago (the company has been around for over 70 years) and how back in the 1970/1980's the girls wore office coats.  We were laughing how HR was called Personnel so that is what I am going to call the two ladies (the Personnel Department) from now on in the office for a joke :-)

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