Saturday 23 March 2013

Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship

The Jeanie Johnston is an accurate replica of a famine ship which sailed from Ireland to America around the 1850's. 
It is currently docked in Dublin, Ireland where you can tour it and view it as a "ship musuem".
See here for more information.
Recently for St Patrick's day 2013 it was lit up green - like a lot of Dublin landmarks/buildings were. 
Here are two photographs I took of it:

On this photograph I put a green filter/effect on it. This means that the camera removes colour and just highlights any green in it. 
Pretty cool eh?!


  1. My gosh, how I would like to see this, because I'm a descendent of people who came over on ships like these. I'm going to go research it now!

    1. How exciting Mary Ann.

      Enjoy your research. And I hope that some day you get to come to Ireland and see it in person.


  2. I like what you did with the 2nd pic