Monday 4 March 2013

Great books from my childhood!

I am doing some clearing out in my house at the moment. 
The problem with my cleaning / "clearing out" is that I always find it hard to throw stuff away.
Case in point - the items pictured below.
I came across these 3 books tucked away in a press...and I am telling you now these bad boys are going nowhere!
These books are A4 in size with a soft cover.  They were published by World and Whitman and the author is one Brenda Asley.  Good woman Brenda!
They would have arrived in our house from Granda Fluskey - he probably bought them originally for our Uncle Brian around 1980 (Brian would have been around 10).  We had them in our house around 1986/87/88 if I remember correctly.
I loved the stories in these books. 
Famous Disasters and Famous Mysteries were my favourite.

I see there was another title "Famous Places". 
I must see if I can buy it on the internet and complete the set!

I especially enjoyed Have They Lived Before and The Thing in Loch Ness.

So there you have it!  A blast from the past!