Sunday 4 August 2013

London Day 3

Today we went on the bus - Enid and I had only used the underground which we found so simple and quick.

London Bridge in the background!

Kasey brought us to the fantastic Burough Market.  I hope the following photographs capture the atmosphere and the food!

We all chose something different to eat and each one was delicious.  I got tortellini with wild boar, Kasey a chorizo sandwich/burger and Enid noodles.

Enid & Kasey then had some watermelon for dessert.

We then pottered along Northbank and completely unplanned arrived at the Globe Theatre which of course is famous for it's association with Shakespeare.
How great is this!

We then arrived at the Tate Modern and went in for wander.  

It is an amazing space with some great displays.

Crossing over the Millennium Bridge with St Paul's Cathedral in front of us.

We had a great day in London but now it was time to nip home to have a shower and pack and head to the airport for our flight home.

We still had time for a quick drink and some nibbles in a local asian restaurant though :-)

We had an fantastic few days and I think you will agree from all the photographs we packed as much as we could in this small space of time.
Big thank you to Kasey for hosting us! (And Mo! lol) 

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  1. Oh, gosh, what a fun weekend and thanks for all the great pictures!