Saturday 14 September 2013

Paris Bakery and Restaurant, Moore Street, Dublin

Paris Bakery is situated on the North side of Dublin on Moore Street.

Moore Street is...hmm, how do I say this...
In one respect some might say "a bit of a dive".  
Others would say it is a street of cultural significance - where traditional fruit and vegetable sellers have hawked their trade on stalls handed down through generations of their family.
I'd go with the latter and I hope if you ever visit Dublin you would too!

First things first.  Wine!

Paris Bakery had a small but decent wine list.  I had mentioned to the ladies that I was dining with that it was rare but sometimes you saw a French Malbec (rather than an Argentinian) and considering we were going to a French resto maybe we'd be lucky and see a French one on the menu.
In the end they had both!
The ladies had not had a Malbec before but were happy to go with it on my recommendation.  

I ordered the Argentinian (slightly cheaper!) and there was a round of applause from us when it arrived.  
One of our group is named Paula - see pic above! :-)

I am happy to report they both LOVED the wine (like really loved it and said they would order it again, and were going to buy a bottle at the weekend for themselves and their husband to enjoy).  
That made me happy - and relieved considering I had made the choice.


Chicken Liver Pate, Brioche bread, salad & apple chutney x2 (Myself & Paula)

Warm salad with goat's cheese (Paula)


Langoustines, plaice stuffed with salmon mousse, mussels and potato rosti x2 (Paula & Rosaleen)

Home made beef burger (Amy)

You checking out my mussels?! 
:-) Lol

€35 each - I think that represented good value

Good food, a good night...
...and then I see this in the paper the next day Paris Bakery in Dublin faces winding up order

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