Sunday 1 September 2013

Studio with a view

Myself and Enid joined a new Bikram Yoga studio this week.  Dublin City Bikram is based in the heart of the city on Drury Street.

While the studio's facilities (the changing room) are very (VERY) small and pokey, the yoga studio itself is fine.  The one thing that I like about this studio compared to any other yoga studio I've been to is the view!

So great for the mind and body, doing yoga with this in your eye line.

Bikram Yoga is a challenging class made up of 26 poses performed in an intense hear of approx 105f.

This is me before the class started looking pretty cool and comfortable.

And this is me after.
Hot and sweaty!  But very happy.

Ps.  When Colin Farrell is at home in Dublin he practices Bikram - I will keep an eye out for him at the studio!

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