Monday 7 October 2013

Olive Green, Grand Canal

Just outside my train station this morning there was a girl giving out little tickets for a new coffee shop around the corner.  Special offer of any tea or coffee for a euro.

So never one to turn up my nose at a special offer I popped around at 10am for cup o' joe.

First a funny picture of me holding the ticket which has a picture of the shop in front of the shop.
I like this photo :-)

Now I'm not a tea person but seems to me that is an interesting little section of tea offerings.

How cute are their cups!

My coffee: 
I am sad to report that my skinny cappucino wasn't great. 
It was really really sweet or something.  Almost as if there was sugar in the bottom of the cup before they started pouring in the coffee.  (I don't take sugar in my coffee).
But while it wasn't great, it wasn't the worst either...and for just €1 it was grand.

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