Saturday 26 October 2013

Ikea trip

Few small purchases this morning!

Lampshades for living room, hall & landing.

Bottles for juice & water in the fridge

Alert! Work in progress! 
I bought a clothes rack for a short term solution to this room - what used to be an ensuite bathroom (which was never used) - and what will be a walk in wardrobe in the future.

I originally went for black towels in the bathroom originally but my lord did they show the dirt - in particular toothpaste stains.  
I have now switched out to a white towel with a grey stripe.


  1. Nice towels! The black would probably wear badly anyway

  2. Oh I like IKEA towels particularly those with the little tag to hang them up. I also bought one of those bottles in a local shop at home as I thought it would be nice to put our bottled water in it, but alas it was not a good idea. It was also impossible to clean it properly as the water left a salt like residue at the bottom of the bottle which I couldn't remove, even with boiling water, cleaner and a bottom cleaner. Did you have this problem? It would probably be grand to just put water in it to use straight away at dinner but then empty it straight after

    All things nice...

    1. Interesting about the bottles, I will investigate and let you know!