Wednesday 21 May 2014

30 minute walk along the Royal Canal

I haven't been sleeping great lately :-( so have been trying different things to help me.  .  So this evening I planned on getting off the train one station early and walking home.  It's not a long walk but it is just so boring of a walk!

When it came to the early station I sooooooo did not want to do it.  Even though it was a lovely sunny evening I really had to force myself to get off that train.

Anyway, off I set out of the station when I noticed a sign for a walkway along the canal. 
I had never seen this sign before - how silly is that!

It was a much nicer walk than my usual route - and really quiet with just the sounds of birds chirping.

The path was crossed with tree roots and rocks so it also was challenging on the mind as you had to watch where you walked.  I enjoyed that.

Some great views!

And then I arrived to my estate.  
I took a photo of the entrance because it is just so nice to see it in sunshine for a change.

I live here!