Monday 26 May 2014

Rockin' Road festival 2014

Enid and I were at a great festival yesterday selling a few bits and pieces - teeshirts, wallhangings and bric brac or as we were calling it "tat" :-)

We made sure we brought the essentials with us - big flask  of boiling water and tea and coffee!

I hung my wall-hangings from the gazebo and I think they looked pretty good.  
But sadly I made no sales...  I think they may have been priced higher than people expected to pay at a music festival. Ah well!

Here is Enid in our stall.  I think we had it laid out nicely.

Enid's t-shirts were a big seller on the day.
They have a picture of an old fashioned motorbike on them and say "I'm not old, I'm vintage" on the front.
I think they would make a good gift for Father's Day. 

If you are interested in one for your dad why not mail Enid €12.50/$15 +postage!  (no postage if in Ireland)

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