Monday 30 May 2016

Dress shopping

Mam, Enid and I are big fans of Lilly Pulitzer and if you remember I previously blogged about a dress that Enid bought on a facebook page before we went on holidays.
For posterity here is a pic of my "old" Lilly on the right.  I say "old" because on this trip I bought a new one!!!!

This is a more formal Lilly which I bought in a consignment store on White Street for then princely sum of $40.  I have a wedding coming up in July and will wear it for that.  I think it is very 60's looking so I shall be wearing it with hair and makeup inspired by Sharon Stone in Casino:
You might also like to see a second dress that I bought in Key West (in Ross!) for a wedding in December.
This is quite a vintage looking dress also.

I had been looking for a blue dress to wear with this fabulous blue vintage hat that Mam gave me as a Christmas present.  I'm happy to report that they are perfect colour matches - and as they are of the same (vintage) style it looks very cool as an outfit.

My mother is so clever.  To store the hat she also gave me this vintage makeup case.

It's perfect for the hat and doesn't it actually look like a proper hat box/case made specially for the hat?!




  1. Love that tropical pic of us all!

    1. Yes, funny the colours on the two dresses match better than your actual Lilly and mine...

      Maybe that dress was original Lilly material!!!! Considering where it was bought!