Sunday 24 July 2016

Something Unspoken by Tennessee Williams - Bewleys Cafe Theatre in Powerscourt

My mother (being much more cultural than her daughter) invited me to go see a play with her on Saturday,

I was excited when I heard it was by Tennessee Williams.  I have never seen any of his plays or even films, to my shame, but with the Key West connection and all that I have seen and read about him (in Key West) I just knew I would like it.

And I did!  I thought it was an excellent production - the set, the actors were wonderful (Grace a little stronger than Cornelia I thought) and oh the words and the storyline.  It was wonderful.
My mother who goes to a lot of plays etc agreed that she too thought it was great. 

I really enjoyed the afternoon - as mam said to me "there is just nothing like live theatre".  The tickets were not even that expensive (€12) I am definitely going to make a big effort to go to much more theatre over the next while.

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