Sunday 3 July 2016

Weekend round up

On Saturday I went out to Tallaght to watch a Roller Derby bout.

I agree :-)

I was very hungry so I got a lovely chicken and sausage stuffing pie from The Pieman

That evening I met with Enid and Alice and we went to see Bjorn Again in the Bord Gais theatre.
BA are a cover band who do Abba songs.  We were laughing thinking how we went to see them as 14/15 years old for our first concert - and how Alice's older sister went along with us as chaperone!

We had a great night! Our tickets were bought late and we were supposed to be sitting all separate (eek!) but we found 3 seats together which were vacant a little further back and we sat there. 

Before the concert we ate in HQ in Hanover Quay.  Nice food and wine - gets a big thumbs up from me.

Today Enid cycled to mams on her new bike.  I cycled my bike too.  We had dinner in mams and then we both cycled into town.

It was a lovely warm day so we got frappucino's in Starbucks. 

A very nice weekend all round...

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