Sunday, 4 September 2016

Ceili Dancing

When Enid and I were in our teens, every Summer we attended Irish summer college in Balbriggan.  Primarily of course were the Irish classes every morning but also included in the course was music, singing, sport, going to the beach, and Ceili dancing every evening.  Now Enid and I were, and still are the worst dancers ever!  But ceili (set) dancing is one type of dancing we can actually do.
So when I saw an ad for Ceili dancing in The Grand Social I said to Enid we should go. 
On our way there we saw this crazy little travel agent shop in Abbey Street.

How crazy is this old signage??  I was going to say they really need to do some new branding but I think it is actually so old (and retro) at this point it may have actually come full circle and is actually kind of cool.

We had such an evening at the Ceili.  Some of the steps came back to us immediately, and some didn't.  We laughed and smiled  as we skipped and tripped through the Walls of Limerick (Ballai na Luimni) and Siege of Ennis. 
I cannot recommend the whole night enough.  It is on again in a month and Enid and I will definitely be back!

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