Monday 11 June 2018

Sunny days in Dublin

It's so unusual to have sunshine in Ireland and this weekend we were lucky enough to have not just one day but two - both Saturday and Sunday were divine.  So while the sun shone I took the opportunity to make hay and I spent both days outdoors!

On Saturday I divided my time between laying out in the sun in St Stephen's Green, and sitting outside Starbucks (on their patio) enjoying the sun and people watching.

And then! On Sunday I was hosting Enid and Alice for brunch.  On Saturday I had the brainwave that if was sunny on the Sunday we should have a picnic rather than cooped up in my little flat.  I texted my idea to the gals and the pair of them were delighted with the idea - and excited about it - back to the fact that we just don't get days like this in Ireland!

Sunday was a big success.  I've posted a few photos below which I think capture the vibe :-) For food I did shrimp, salmon and avocado, hummus and crackers, pate and sourdough bread.  For dessert Alice brought little mini brownies and I brought Key Lime Pie which we were delighted about - and prompted lots of conversation about how much we love Key West.

Can you believe it?  We ended up meeting at 11.30am and just hanging out in Merrion Square until 5pm that afternoon!  Such a good day.


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