Sunday 24 June 2018

What has been going on...

Exciting news!
A film about Pigsy (my brother in law!) has been selected for screening at the Galway film festival,  How amazing is that.  I am very happy for Pigsy and for film maker Mike Andrews.  Congratulations Mike, I am very excited to see the documentary short.

On Friday night I met with Gina who is a friend of my friend from Florida, Catherine.  Gina was visiting from Jacksonville, Florida with her family and was looking forward to meeting up with some locals.  Enid and I were happy to oblige and it was nice to connect with one of Catherine's friends.

On Saturday I was in college all day.  It was tough work because it was such a nice sunny day in Dublin.  But in some good college related news I go the results of my last module (assignment and exam) and I did well in that.  So I was delighted with that.  I have just two modules to go - with two exams and two assignments and finite!

After the results of the module came through I thought I deserved a treat of some wine, prawns and scallops in Urchin.  Urchin is one of my favourite places in Dublin these days and it was a divine as ever.

Then today I did a little bit of a clean up in my apartment and put together a bag to bring to the charity shop. I do love seeing stuff going to a new home rather than in landfill.
And finally today, I started getting my clothes ready for my next little holiday break - woohoo I fly to Chicago on Wednesday for a long weekend!

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