Thursday 6 September 2018

Wowwed by Wow Air?

Flight report - Wow Air - Dublin to Toronto via Reykjavik

The Good
- The price. You cannot argue with €400 for Dublin to Toronto
NB!  This is without any luggage.  Yep, no checked in baggage, no carry on!! NO CARRY ON! I travelled with just my "personal item" (air line speak) stuffed with clothes. If you want to bring more than this you pay.  Fyi, you pay for everything!
- Reykjavik airport is not as expensive as I thought it would be/heard it would be.  Still,  it's more expensive than Dublin so I would not recommend you rely on it

The Bad
- Everything on the flight costs money.  Food and drink etc.  And it's expensive.  Do not get caught out! Be prepared and bring/buy everything you want on the flight.
- There is no tvs in screens, no big screen etc.  You can hire a tablet for €25.  Again, be prepared: bring your ipad loaded with films or bring books or magazines etc. 

The Ugly
- It's not direct.  This is the major one.  On the way out it was not too bad.  But on the way back when you are in Iceland at 4/5/6am after your 6 hour flight from Toronto waiting on your plane for that last leg home it's not great I can tell you!

Oh I did like the ladies cabin crew uniform!
So in summary, would I fly Wow air again? Meh, maybe if I got the flight cheap enough.
My advice would be if you can get a direct flight, which includes a carry on luggage, for in or near to the Wow air ticket price go for that.

If you would like to read the full trip report on my lovely holiday in Canada click here!

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