Saturday 8 September 2018

London baby!

After my recent few days in Canada the planning starts for the next trip!

Myself, Enid and Ciaran are travelling to London where Irish artist Pigsy is exhibiting in The Other Art Fair at the beginning of October.

Pigsy as you may know is the artist alter ego of my twin's husband, and as one of my side hustles I help him out with the sales of his artwork. 

Here's Enid and I at Ciaran's last solo exhibition. 
Signing the guest list is Mike Andrews the documentary maker who made the charming short film about Pigsy. Actually that reminds me, before London Enid and Ciaran already have a different trip planned. They will be going to Bristol where "Pigsy" is showing at the Bristol Film Festival.  Read all about that in Enid's blog here!

I am excited about London! I fly out on Wednesday evening to meet up with Enid & Pigsy, and we will make our way to our digs for the next couple of days. We have rented a cute little trendy flat in the Covent Garden area of London. The next day (Thursday) we will spend setting up the pieces and preparing for the opening reception that evening.  And then Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are working!

I am excited about meeting lots of interesting people and talking with them about Pigsy and his artwork.  Yes, don't worry it won't all be fun and chats, I will be working too!  Although if you are familiar with Pigsy's work you will know that the selling of the paintings tends to look after itself.  There is a buzz in Dublin about his work ever since his last exhibition and I am excited to be part of bringing that to London!

Watch out London! The three Irish amigos are coming!
Complimentary tickets!
If you are in London over the 4-7th of Oct do call in and see me at The Other Art Fair - if you  are interested in attending, click here to see info on Pigsy's blog about complimentary tickets. 

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