Monday 4 November 2019

Sunday Funday

It's hard to think that I could squeeze any more "stuff" into yesterday. Actually, there is no think about it, I know I could not have done more.

First up!
I went to The Custom House Museum to see their latest exhibition "The Literary History of Key West".  It was excellent.  

I counted over 40 writers featured - and the curator notes there are many more but space did not allow for them.  It is amazing really, for a little small island with, let's face it, a bit of a party reputation, it has massive literary influence, culture and history.  I honestly cannot fathom a place where so many recipients of the Pulitzer prize, Tony Awards,  Nobel prize for Literature and Poet Laureates reside, or have resided. So cool.  
Have I mentioned lately that I love this little island?

From there, I cycled up Duval and Truman, stopping off at the little Tennessee Williams Museum.  

It is small but packs a mighty punch, packed to the gills with information, photos and paraphernalia from his time on the island. I love this exhibit for the personal insight you get. Aside from the obvious, that Tennessee Williams was incredibly talented he also was just a good guy (the care - emotionally and financially - and the bond he shared with his sister Rose who had special needs) and a fun guy (Key West suited him, and he suited Key West!)

Me personally:
I adore Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  The book of course, but whoa, that film! Not just for Paul Newman (no seriously, I mean it), my God Elizabeth Taylor is just wonderful as Maggie/Cat. The storyline, the writing, the themes.  It is a brilliant piece.

Did you know I live on a street with not one, but two Tennessee Williams connections?
His house where he lived is on this exact street.  Plus right beside it is the house where The Rose Tattoo was filmed - he wrote it here, it was filmed here, and it premiered her in the San Carlos Institute.

How about that for history! 
Have I mentioned lately that I love this little island?

The day continues!

I met Marta in Halo to watch the Boat Race Parade.  These boats are like nothing I have ever seen - like they were conceived and built on the set of a futuristic movie, think Blade Runner or Minority Report.  We had fun!

Also there was Dawn and her gal pals so when Marta left I hung with them.  We strolled down to General Horseplay where we met up with others.  Another fun time!

But wait! 
There is more! At 6pm I went to Half  Shell Raw Bar and had the usual WONDERFUL dinner of garlic steamed clams, buffalo shrimp, fish dip and sesame crackers.  Deeeeeeeeeeevine.

Phew! What a great day.

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