Tuesday 5 November 2019

Manic Monday

Following my action packed Sunday,  I continued Monday in the same vein...

...starting with a Bikram Yoga class at noon

Have I told you that my studio includes your mat and towel in the cost for every class?  So handy not having to think about them and carrying on your bike etc.  Big thumbs up!

I was going to go straight from yoga to a whiskey tasting class in General Horseplay, but tbh that was probably a little ambitious of me.  I was (happily, it must be said) exhausted after class, plus I also was a seriously hot sweaty mess.  I went home and jumped straight in the pool and then had the longest loveliest outdoor shower.

I chilled out for the afternoon until approx. 5.30pm when I hopped on my bike and headed to the bookstore for a book signing and reading by Meg Cabot - of her new book No Judgements.  

She was FABULOUS!  Entertaining, charming and informative.  
I bought the book and am looking forward to reading it on the beach, on my mini vacation in Key Largo this weekend!  I do love a signed book :)

I ended another wonderful day in Paradise with dinner in Sister Noodle House on Roosevelt.

I got pork dumplings - which came out like bao buns - and a seaweed salad.  I really, really liked it.  Different to any other food I have eaten since arriving to Key West, and VERY different to anything you can get in Ireland.  Nice change of pace!  We'll be back.

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