Monday 2 December 2019

Sunday fishing!

So initially, this blog post looked like it was shaping up to be a bit of a whinge about how I didn't catch many fish yesterday.  But the more I think about it...yesterday, was a great day.

We both had a wonderful night's sleep waking up without the alarm at 8am on the button.  Perfect timimg for some breakfast and relaxing before things turned more frenetic as we got ready and headed for the boat.

I went on ahead over to Garrison Bight, while Patrick went and picked up some sandwiches for the day.  Cuban sandwiches...which might be only be the best sandwich in the whole world?  That is of course, in my humble opinion as an Irish person. It has to be said there is a bigger sandwich "market" and "range" of bread and meat and topping and sauce combos over here than anything I am used to from home. (Although! Of course, nothing is better than that Christmas night and St Stephen's night sandwich of fresh Brennan's bread, turkey, stuffing, and ham, right?!)

The weather was perfect, conditions just right...Thankfully.  It meant no queasiness this time round...for either of us.

So! Confession time.  It was a pretty lousy day for me, from a catching perspective.  But it's crazy.  Fishing is a bit like gambling in my opinion.  The good days get you back for more. And the bad days get you back too - the lure of the Big One in both cases.

And on the subject of Big One!

Patrick caught this grouper!!! 20 inches, 4lbs, how about that!

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