Tuesday 10 December 2019

The F word

Let's talk about fishing!  Because, let me tell you, it seems to be all we talk about at home these days, all we text our friends about, and all I seem to look at on my phone - fishing and fish apps.

At the weekend we were out with friend's on their lovely boat and it was great!  Not necessarily the best haul...but as they say "a bad day's fishing beats any day in the office".  Plus also, it is just so lovely fishing for the afternoon and then fishing as the sun sets.  Key West gets simply the most beautiful sunsets...there is a reason people have been hanging out at Mallory Square and honouring the sun for decades.

And then this evening, straight after work instead of going home, I nipped on my bike and headed to White Street Pier for a sneaky little fish before sunset.  It was a nice reminder of why we moved here and how lovely it is to live on an island.
I met a friend lol!

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  1. Make sure you check out the FishAngler app in the Apple and Android stores. It's 100% free an amazing!