Saturday 25 July 2020

The Eatening continues....OnlyWood Pizzeria Trattoria

After my most recent blog post about the few great places we've eaten out in lately, well to top it all off my friends, I post here to tell you about OnlyWood Pizzeria.

It is up a little laneway, just off of Duval Street and is one of the cutest, little, most authentic Italian trattoria style restaurant you can imagine outside of Italy. Well I say authentic Italian, but actually, for me, I say it felt like 75% Italian authenticity, 15% Chicago/Wicker Park hipsteria (is that a word?? It should be!), and 10% Key West...the Key West element was the big fat cat under our table asleep (I kid you not).

The pizza! Goddamnit the pizza! The 4 maili has 4 different types of meat to kick off proceedings. Well, what type of meat I hear you ask? The meat I tell you, that is just the start of it. Prosciutto di Parma, pepperoni, sweet (dear, sweet sweet) Italian sausages, and ham, enveloped with a luscious San Marzano tomato sauce with a homemade mozzarella for that final elevation. Oh no, that's not all, the final kicker being the complex, rich, oily flavour of basil.

Did you ever taste a food that hugged and carressed your mouth from the tip of your tongue, to the arch of your throat? A food that "felt" just so luscious and buttery, that tasted savoury with just the right amount of sweet? A food that left you speechless, to the point that all you were fit for was to sip your incredibly well valued glass of house wine, while staring into your dates's eyes and both just nodding, just knowing,  this was the one of the finest, luscious, carbohydrate laden meals you would ever share in your life. Well this pizza is all that.

I was going to finish this blog by saying that if this pizza was an alcoholic beverage it would be champagne. But no, we'll leave it there now.

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