Wednesday 22 July 2020

The Eatening

While making sure we are taking precautions about the coronavirus, we have still managed to sneak out for some nice meals lately.  

We went to Martin's twice in the last week. Twice! We adore this place.  It's really special to us for lots of reasons - one in particular. And we just don't get there enough like we used to. We used to regularly go there on Sunday's but they are now closed on that day. Patrick was off work last week on vacation so we took advantage of this and TWICE we went!

We treated ourselves to a lovely sushi dinner out, in Origami.  Sushi and sake 

And finally! We have been going to Stock Rock cafe, by BOAT, our own boat, a lot lately.  It's a tiki hut so obviously I instantaneous fell in love with it.  To my mind, here is nothing better than fish tacos and jerk wings in a tiki hut.  Would you agree? 

I have posted a photo below of where we dock our boat and the restaurant/bar.  Now do you agree?!


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