Sunday 25 October 2020

New (to us) cooler

 Kind of a funny story I think... 

So the house next door is up for sale/just been sold.  The people who are leaving it have been renting it for 25 years!  Not an easy move am sure.  

They have been putting a lot of their stuff they want to get rid of out on the curb for people to take away.  We saw this huge cooler that we were kind of interested in...we were on our way to Shanna Key for dinner (on that basis I can tell you it was a Monday night lol) when we saw it, so we said we would look at it on the way back if it was still there and figure out if we definitely wanted it or not.

On the way back, it was still there and we figured it looked great condition - just needed a good clean.  AND! On the back of it we saw a name stuck on it.  The name of the previous owners of our house!  We said that it must be a sign, we simply had to "bring this guy back home".  

Today we gave it a good clean with the pressure washer and I am going to store it at car bar - and use it as a sitting bench when having a drink at the bar.

I really like the yellow on it.  I wonder what year it is from??? I think it is late 1980's/early 1980's maybe?! Hmm, although based on the shape maybe more 1990's/2000's.

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