Monday 5 October 2020

Yard chores and crab traps. Life is good!

Fall has arrived, and with it Stone Crab Season!  We have had the crab traps stored in our shed for a while now so we decided we needed to get on to things - and get the traps made up this weekend and then hopefully get them in the water next weekend coming.

            I think we all know how happy power tools make me!

How about that?! We are all set! I will update you once we have laid them next week.  

The plan is that with our fellow crab hunters, our friends Garrett and Katrina, we hope to catch enough over a month or so to have a big stone crab dinner for the four of us.  Each one of us will make a key lime mustard and we will eat the crabs and vote on whose mustard is best.  How much fun does that sound?!

We also borrowed a power washer from Garrett and cleaned the front and back of our garden.  And the 1953 clamshell storm shutters/window awnings. Hard work! But worth it.  Apparently you should do a power washing of your home once a year or so - we are going to buy our own power washer soon.

Ps.  29 days to the election here in the USA.  Right now the big story is about a man who has Covid 19 and who may or may not be a super spreader.  That's all I have to say on that matter, friends.  Good night, wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, stay safe!

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