Sunday 9 May 2021


My friend Paul texted me last Monday morning to remind me he was calling Bingo (in aid of Sister Season) in the Green Parrot that evening.  I immediately said it to Patrick and we said we would go.  I knew he would.  Patrick loves bingo! Ha! You're thinking, why, it is a little old lady game?? Nah! Throw a bottle or two of Corona along with it and sure you could be in Caesar's Palace in Vegas.  Ok, I exaggerate a little, but it does kind of  feel like gambling and it is a bit of fun of an evening.  So, I have to say, also fun is that we kind of SUCK at it.  We never win!! Until this night when I did - and now we have a $20 gift certificate for Lost and Found bar.  Must go there soon... And finally, it is nice to support a community fundraising event.


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