Monday 3 May 2021

Girl time at The Venetian

 Yesterday I hung out with Emily, Isabelle and Katrina in Emily's house. Her house is on Venetian Drive so her and her husband like to call their place The Venetian.  It fits!

Emily had a terrific spread of cheese and charcuterie and her famous air fried wings, mmmm.  I brought Key Lime Pie (which got very MELTY btw! It is HOT here these days), and Katrina made her famous stromboli, which let me tell you is amazing. 

After a big load of eating and some drinks we made it to the pool.

We hung out there for hours!!! I didn't get home until 9pm last night!

Blurred as this photo may be, it captures perfectly the good time with this fun little gang

How cute is Bandit on the raft! Who wouldn't let this little dote join in girl time?!

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