Monday 23 August 2021

Fish on! Part ????

After our lovely road trip, I guess we just weren't quite tired enough so decided to push the boat out (d'ya geddit) and nip out for a few hours before sunset.  We always do that!!! Push and push, and by the end of the weekend are completely exhausted.  Ah sure, look, isn't life for living?!

For our efforts I was rewarded with THIS.  A fabulous big grouper, which was unfortunately not big enough!!!! He had to be thrown back in sob, sob, sniffle sniffle.  But wonderful sport bringing him in.  I was delighted with the catch.

Instead of dining on grouper we caught a few lane snapper which Patrick fileted and made into a fish curry - using a lovely marinade that we bought at the farmer's market on Thursday.  We both really liked it. This is going to become a regular: fileting the fish versus eating a whole fish.

I feel really lucky that we both share a hobby/love for fishing.  And eating the catch!


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