Monday 2 August 2021

Water weekend

 I enjoyed a fabulous day out on the water yesterday celebrating Megan and her birthday.  The weekend of water first started on Thursday evening with some excitement...

Thursday evening:
Patrick went out with our friend Joe on his boat hunting for snapper.  At about 8pm I got a text from Joe's wife Emily saying the boat battery had failed but that everything was ok.  She invited me over to their house to wait for them to come in... aka Pool Time and Chats with her :)

Anyway! All's well that ends well.  Joe called his tow boat service and they came out and were able to charge the battery.  They made it in (in the dark) by the light of a flashlight and their phones.  And Emily and I were there in the pool as they pulled up to their dock beside it!  
The next day there were lots of jokes flying around about these: Widow Walks Of Key West | Shoestring Weekends Blog (

Patrick had a day off and went out with Garrett and Dave trolling for big fish.  Look at the monster he caught!  Mahi Mahi, one of the finest fish of the Florida Keys

Patrick went to Cudjoe Key to get my fishing rod repaired.  Thank you!

A fabulous day out on the water! As can be seen by all the photos below.  

I'd never been on a pontoon boat before!  It is slow but worked brilliantly for a group and for a the activity.

Individual key lime pies! Made by Jenni from limes and vanilla grown in her garden!!

It was like herding kittens getting this group photo!

Loads of great food.  Not shown here: Matt & Jenni's cheese and meat platter, Megan and Chris' Dion's chicken and our sushi

Snipes Key

Bubbles! Always nice for celebrating

Timmy. Adorable personality, very well behaved

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