Sunday 2 January 2022

Cat Litter reviews

This was the first cat litter we bought and it was pretty good tbh.
Positive: I love that it is good for the environment
Cons: I just felt there could be one out there that would do a little better at odour control.  On that basis I tried a few more.

This is the cat litter of alternative facts and fake news.  It is complete rubbish and does NOTHING it advertises.  And phewey did the poor little kitten's bedroom stink.
Oh! And it was the most expensive one!!!! (By a lot)

This definitely works.  But it definitely still ends up with your classic "cat litter" smell in the room/house.  This really is the primary thing I want to avoid:  one of the assurances that I gave Patrick on getting a cat was that our house would not smell.  So the search continued...

Ta Dah!  
This is the one. 
It is true, it provides a fragrant lavender fresh smell. Everything it says on the box it delivers on.  Look no further and go straight for this one.

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