Sunday 30 January 2022

Pigsy in Efffusion Gallery, Duval Street

 Today was an unbelievably cold day in Key West - record lows of temperature in the 50's.  On a day like that, it calls for a nice alcoholic beverage to warm you up.  

In advance of going for said alcoholic drink, I stopped by Effusion Gallery to check out the (decreasing) Irish artist, Pigsy's collection.  I say decreasing, or ever dwindling, because pieces from the collection keep getting sold!

Today I was saying goodbye to the painting "S.E.B." before it headed off to its new home.  It's a great piece and I was glad to see it one more time in situ in Key West.

From there, I headed on to Alonzos to meet with my friend Lara and her friend Tracy.  I met Lara 8 or 9 years ago when I was in Cancun, meeting the first day of the vacation and spending the rest of the time together. The abiding memory from that holiday is playing a lot of volleyball - in the mornings, and then a lot of drinks in the pool in the afternoon.  She is from Texas and was in town for the Mile Marker Zero festival. We had the loveliest of time together, Lara being as fabulous and fun as ever.  It's just lovely staying in touch with people who you click with.

All of that made for a great day and warmed me up no doubt.  But now, I am back home and it is cold again - I am posting this from bed, drowning under a million blankets and a cat. Thoughts and prayers please!

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