Sunday 25 September 2022

Last mahi mahi of the season!


Ok, so first of all please ignore the photo that has listed itself into the incorrect place above 🙄 

Yesterday, ahead of the storm, and bearing in mind it is late September we went our for our last trolling of this season.
I have to tell you! Trolling is tough!! It's out in the deep - we were at 450 feet.  A lot of just waiting and watching while driving and keeping the boat at a certain speed and in a specific direction. 

After 2.5 hours and absolute zilch we started heading in the direction of home but continuing the trolling at the same time. Boom! At 180feet, we got our reward, a big massive mahi mahi hit. We started reeling in fast and hard, tight lines are essential or you risk losing the fish.  Boy did it fight, it jumped in the air 8 times in front of us. But between us we landed it on board. What a thrill!!

Brought it home and cooked it up for supper with a nice seaweed salad side. Less said about the accompanying wine the better....for such a nice fish Patrick ran out to get a bottle of prosecco and by accident came back with a sparkling white wine - a sweet one!! A dessert wine maybe??! Too sweet in any case! But nothing could ruin that nice dinner! The mahi mahi was amazing 👏 

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