Monday 3 October 2022

New hurricane proof door

I am conscious that I am overdue a blog post about Hurricane Ian and the before, during and after (clue: a lot of clean up). Thankfully everyone is safe on the island, but there was some damage (not close to the damage further up North of course and my thoughts are with all of them) and frankly, I am still kind of processing...and I guess we are all feeling a little bit of a trauma still...

One outcome of the storm was that our wonderful friend Bill came over to replace this ridiculous door with a hurricane proof door that we've had stored in our shed for about two years 😳

This is the new door installed. And PAINTED by moi. It was terribly dark chocolate brown colour and now that it is white it is so much more beachy and Key Westy!

I also decided to paint this indoor frame white

Finito! I just need to decide and get on some window dressings now. Something light and beachy too preferably 


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