Monday 27 February 2023


The eateaning continues in Key West.

We nipped out for a small happy hour/appetizers yesterday evening.  We had originally planned on going to Salute on the beach but boy, was there a HUGE queue when we arrived.  So instead we cycled along South Street thinking we might go to the Southernmost Mansion or Southernmost Resort Cafe.  We do love the Southernmost Mansion but on reviewing the menu outside it was mainly pizza, so the cafe won out.

I got buffalo chicken wings and I have to say, they were really good.  Luscious and juicy and just right spicy.

Patrick had the grilled octopus which he said was delicious - small but quality.

Alonzo's on Saturday evening!  Oysters, ahoy!
Baked Oysters and Connecticut Blue Point oysters on the half shell.  Mahi Mahi fish bites too.

The wine in the pic should be called "So-so".  It was fine.  I do like the company's ethics/values, though: Drink For A Cause | Sozo Wine

This was Friday's night dinner!!!!  A Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza from Chicago.  What a treat.  I never blogged about our lovely Valentine's dinner this year btw.  It was essentially this, with better wine, and Cupcake Sushi for dessert.  Mmmm.

Hope you enjoyed this post and the food pics, friends!

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