Monday 26 June 2023

Canada Day Pool Party 2023

Calm before the storm!

I love this ice table inflatable thingy.  We had the big cooler filled with ice for all drinks but I like keeping some Canadian beers (Labatts) on display here.  Plus also veggies and dips etc


Jennifer L made this and it was DIVINE

The Nanaimo bars are always a hit.  Big thanks to Jenni for making these every year 

Our neigbor Lisa made the most beautiful desserts ever.  Not pictured are the chocolate covered strawberries

Sheila's incredible fudgy brownies

We also had PIZZA.  Crisis averted when we rang our first choice pizza place and they weren't delivering.  Patrick called in an order to our second and I jumped on my bike and went around and collected

Maraschino cherries for the....

....Mary Pickford cocktails.  They sure look great don't they?  They were a tiny bit sweet I think but everyone seemed to enjoy them

Patrick's rum coconuts were very popular

How adorable are these?!
I got the stickers on amazon for Hershey's kisses

Everyone got a little bag of them as party favor as they left

NONE of these photos are mine btw!  Sign of a good party when you don't take out your phone once :)

If I get any more photos from people I will post below!

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