Monday 27 November 2023

Thanksgiving 2023

 Another beautiful Thanksgiving spent at our friend's Joe and Emily house.  Last year Patrick had covid - I did a (negative) test and went on my own - it was nice to be going together again this year.

A big massive rush, but we made it work:

I was in work 9-5 but thankfully my boss agreed I could leave at 4 when I asked him. Patrick picked me up on the dot at 4 and we rushed home where I immediately set about making the dessert I had promised to bring, teddy bears tucked up in bed!

My sisters were teasing me all day and sending me awful photos of baking disasters and considering I had literally 25 minutes to make them, I think they turned out "okay".  Emily thought they were adorable and said "I redeemed myself over the cookie party" incident. Ahahahahahahahahha.  That was last christmas when we had a cookie party and I didn't have time to make any, plus I didn't know how serious of a COOKIE party it was (I thought we were just making an excuse to drink wine) and I bought everyone a Starbucks snowman cookie. Not Acceptable apparently ahahahahahhaa

Speaking of Emily!

Well she just made the beautiful feast of all times. Look at this turkey!!!

For 14 people!

It is Joe's job every year to carve the turkey, and for this he takes out his electric carver and we have a big discussion about the joys of an electric knive versus a regular one.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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