Monday 13 November 2023

46 is this

While it was my birthday yesterday, it was also our anniversary - 4 years in a flash!
A momentary panic when we thought we had bought the same cards for each other lol!

They are vaguely similar in a way - penguins on the left, birds on the right.
It says The Adventure Continues under the penguins which is cute.  That's the card Patrick bought for me and we had a good laugh about the penguin (him) bossing me what way we were going and dragging me along lol.

Now!  Before I go any further I need to stress that Las Vegas was the present!  In fact, Las Vegas is everything all rolled into one: my birthday, our anniversary aaaaaand Patrick's birthday.  Funnily enought though, we did break the No Presents This Year rule and with our cards we both got each other our favourite chocolate.

We went out on the boat that morning for a little run.  The weather is not great atm and we were thinking we might not even get out but we saw a little window and went for it.


Birthday Popeyes Chicken Sandwich lol

Little afternoon snack of fancy blue cheese on ciabatta bread which we had brought at a market on Thursday night

Then I scooted down to the boat races to say hi to Bill and Feliz on their Chiguana stand.  Bill snapped this photo as a I arrived and I think it is a perfect capture of FORTY SIX.

Afterwards I pottered over to Half Shell Raw Bar where we had a casual but nice little birthday dinner.  They had a new tuna item on the menu and it bigtime, go the thumbs up from us.

And here is my twin at 46 too.  
She is in The Bank in Dublin drinking a glass of prosecco and going by the Jo Malone bag her husband had just brought her to Brown Thomas for a little birthday gift!


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